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We are serving high quality remodeling service with experienced craftsmanship to DMV area residents since 1999. Accumulating considerable experience in the ownership and operation of the typical shortcomings experienced in the construction industry. As such, we are committed to service and satisfaction through attention to detail and deference to the interests of our clients and their respective projects. Regarding NOVO Kitchen and Bath’s sustainability capabilities, we maintain strategic alliances with individuals and institutions that offers unique knowledge and experience with respect to business, products and development related initiatives. Our team of professionals meets every challenge and request from our clientele to the very detail. The work outline is designed to provide a detailed description of our goals and work from beginning to end of the project. Our project managers and designers coordinate creativity and efficiency based upon the client requirements and approval. Furthermore, we strive to provide a pleasant working experience and strongly believe that a personal referral is worth a thousand words.




Here are the services that we have been proudly serving to Washington, D.C metro area residents

Stepping in to a lovable and stylish bathroom is a reason to start your day with a smile, at least for our previous customers..

Kitchen Remodeling

Stepping in to a lovable and stylish bathroom is a reason to start your day with a smile, at least for our previous customers..

Stepping in to a lovable and stylish bathroom is a reason to start your day with a smile, at least for our previous customers..

Bathroom Remodeling

We know you love spending time in your kitchen, let Novo Designers make it classy and functional for you

Stepping in to a lovable and stylish bathroom is a reason to start your day with a smile, at least for our previous customers..


You have a backyard that you want to be able to spend quality time with your family or friends? We are here to design and build the deck you need

Recent Projects

Kitchen Remodeling, Sterling, VA

We replaced all kitchen cabinetry and added new built-in pantry space into the house. As always, we are proud of our real-time design works that shows the real view before the job is done. White [...]

Bathroom Remodeling, Reston, VA

New master bathroom with ceiling fan and full marble tiles and steel gray granite vanity top, double sink vanity with open radius for ease of access and a make-up section in the muted corner of the [...]

Our Process

Here are the steps of building your dream space, remodeling with NOVO..


Reach us via telephone, e-mail or contact form to set up a free estimate on site.


Tell us what would you like to do in your place and your style, color & material preferences. In the same time, we will be checking if your initial ideas or any other possible ideas are doable within structural logic. Also, we will get the exact measurements and images of requested work area for future estimation and designing purposes. Presentation of our company profile will be made and copies of all company’s legal papers will be given to you during the meeting.


After we completely understand what project do you need and what are possible design ideas for the job, we will determine the scope of work and a ballpark price that refers price levels for different material selections and/or different design options. That quotation will be prepared within 1 to 5 business days


Did you like the given ballpark price for the project? Let’s move on then! It is time to talk about specifying the type and colors of the materials for the project. We will prepare a design work that is made with initially selected materials in order to provide you a real-time look of the materials in your place. So won’t need to try imagining the visual.


Take a look at the initial design work and please provide us feedbacks, we will be glad to make adjustments for you if there is any part that you would like to make changes. We should also finalize the selection for all necessary materials. We can bring over some sample options which are in the same family of initially selected materials. We can go to our vendors’ warehouses to look for more options if it becomes necessary.


Once all necessary materials for the project and design layout is determined, we will prepare the final contract with a certain price to submit our bid for your project. This is the last step before signing the contract if you are clear with your selections and the project price. All terms written in the contract will be explained to you one by one and any of your questions will be answered in the same moment.


You want to move forward? That is great, you will love being a part of Novo Family! We will be asking for the initial payment so we can order all necessary materials for the project. Please let us know if you have a coupon to be applied, coupons shown after contract signing won’t be accepted.


We will wait to hear back from our vendors to see what will be the last day of materials’ delivery. Project start date will be determined based on that. We proceed with the project once we have all necessary materials in hand in order to avoid any project extension due to material delivery.


Project starts at the determined date to be finished within given project length. Every different type of project has its own project schedule. You will be notified about the entire schedule before project starts. Also, all necessary permits will be pulled from your registered county just before the project starts.


Once the project start, you will be notified in the end of every business day with images from the jobsite and explanations about what has been done that day. So you will be informed day-by-day as the project moves forward. We will schedule all county inspector visits in a timely manner.


Project will be completed within the given project dates. We will make a final walkthrough with you to make sure that everything is completely finished as promised or better than promised.


Address: 509 Maple Ave W, Vienna, VA 22180
Phone: 703-646-0286
E-Mail: sales@novokb.com

*You will be called to verify the information and confirm the estimate date before the schedule is set.

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