Although people are not doing much indoor entertaining these days, we will provide you with tips for your renovation project to serve you and your guests down the road. For now, and as the spring approaches, we can start with outdoor entertainment spaces.

From grand pergolas to cozy fire-pits, there is a variety of options when it comes to the set up of your outdoor entertainment area. The size of your yard will determine how much freedom you have with this, but creating designated areas is a good place to start. What types of activities go on in your backyard? Perhaps you have the kids’ swing set, the grill, and an herb garden, these areas should be strategically planned out with regards to sunlight, drainage, proximity to the house, etc. A great way to employ these designated areas is designing them! Patios and decks are the perfect way to customize your yard, providing both beauty and function. With decks and patios, you can create multiple levels, patterns, and configurations. You can choose from built-in options including seating, planters, and firepits.

From grand pergolas to cozy fire-pits, there is a variety of options when it comes to the set up of your outdoor entertainment area. We are glad to design the vision you have in mind.

When we take on a project, we are happy to add related projects onto our scope of work. If you are looking to add more to your deck or pergola project, we are glad to design the vision you have in mind. Along with a deck or pergola project, we offer the option of designing your landscaping as well. When you share your vision with us, we are glad to show you what your options are. For some homeowners, privacy can be a challenge, so to solve this we can offer a variety of privacy walls. Privacy walls come in various forms, from fencing to shrubs to stone. When we design your yard, we can explore the appropriate solutions.

As far as indoor entertaining goes, it seems that everyone’s inevitably favorite room to gather in, is the kitchen. As time progresses, kitchens have become a more open concept, which is ideal for hosting. It is best to plan an open flow from the living or dining room to the kitchen, that way your guests can interact with you while you prepare. Whether you have a lot of square footage or a little, open floor plans allow you to get creative. In older homes, we typically find closed floor plans, and often we end up knocking down a wall or two to unite two or more spaces. Having a large kitchen with an informal dining set-up is a trend we are seeing more and more of. Most homeowners are seeing the benefit of combining their kitchens and dining and or living rooms for more spaciousness and flow.

Kitchen islands are one of the most popular trends lately, especially in open-concept kitchens, and for a good reason! Islands are the perfect place to have your guests enjoy hors d’oeuvres while you complete the finishing touches on dinner. We have had clients who put a second dishwasher for easy clean-up after hosting. Another client of ours utilized the island for beverage drawers, for easy guest access. There are several appliances that can be placed on the island, including microwaves, prep sinks, specialty refrigeration, etc. Kitchen island design options are vast, one of them being raised countertops. A multi-level island can be ideal for entertaining, you can take care of the dishes without being in plain sight. A raised countertop is perfect for serving your guests while keeping your prep space separate.

From seating to appliances to layouts, you have various options to choose from when designing your dream entertainment space. We will make sure to walk you through the viable options for your renovation project. Share your ideas with us, we will help you expand on them, and we will come up with the most suitable design for you.

Dining Space Integrated to the Kitchen

Combination of Kitchen and Dining Area

Complement Patio

Kitchen with Seating Area

Kitchen Island with Seating Area