Cabinetry is a key element in your kitchen or bathroom’s renovation project. Here at NOVO, we work with trustworthy American brands that we can provide a warranty with. When you start a project with us, your possibilities are limitless, however the warranty only comes with the cabinetry brands we know and rely on. We have several cabinetry brands to select from, ranging from affordable cabinetry to luxury line cabinets.

CNC Cabinetry is a premade cabinet brand that serves our clients well. There are numerous door styles to choose from to achieve the style you are going for in your kitchen or bathroom. CNC has a few collections to choose from, most of which are made with birch wood. Whether you are going for a modern look with slab doors, or you are going for classic panels, CNC is an affordable option.

For most of our projects, we use J&K cabinetry. J&K is a semi-custom solid wood cabinetry brand. Semi-customizable cabinets are ideal for many of our projects because our clients can easily find a door style and color option they love. They offer contemporary, traditional, and transitional door styles with a few different finishes to choose from within each. J&K is not only budget-friendly but an environmentally-friendly choice since its materials do not produce formaldehyde.

We work with trustworthy American brands. When you start a project with us, your possibilities are limitless, however, the warranty only comes with the cabinetry brands we know and rely on.

Designer’s Choice Cabinetry is a semi-custom brand that produces multiple styles of cabinet doors in the hardwoods, primarily in cherry, red oak, and hard maple. They have light and dark stains, painted colors, and optional glaze accents available. Designer’s Choice has a higher price range than J&K and CNC does because of the wider variety they offer.

Tedd Wood Fine Cabinetry is the most limitless brand we work with. Tedd Wood has three different lines to choose from, so finding cabinetry that fully meets your needs is no issue with them. The Tedd Wood Custom Cabinetry line was created for endless possibilities, you have over 1,000 different color options from the Sherwin-Williams fan deck. Landmark Fine Cabinetry Line is semi-custom and framed, so the options are more limited, but this is a budget-friendly choice. Luxury Line Full Access Cabinetry is their other semi-custom line. Full access cabinetry comes only in the full overlay options which refer to the door fully covering the face frame versus an inset cabinet, where the face frame is visible. Full access cabinets offer a bit more interior cabinet space and offer a contemporary look.

As far as choosing from the brands we prefer to work with, it comes down to what you are looking to spend on your cabinetry. Premade cabinets are the most affordable route but that means that you have the least color and style options. Semi-custom cabinets have best served our client base. Having a few classic options to select from while being reasonably priced is enough reason for most of our clients to go with J&K or CNC.

CNC Cabinetry

                                    CNC Cabinetry

Kitchen Backsplash – Ceramic Tiles

                                         J&K Cabinetry

Designer's Choice Cabinetry

                             Designer’s Choice Cabinetry

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