When it comes to making your cabinet selection, you will find an overwhelming amount of companies offering so many different options. Currently, cabinets on the market offer a different level of flexibility. Different cabinetries offer stock, semi-custom, and very few offer fully custom cabinets.

What does it all mean? Stock cabinets are cabinets that come in standard form; they are manufactured and have little flexibility in style and finishes. Semi-custom cabinets offer limited flexibility and customization; they offer a wider array of options. Finally, fully custom cabinets offer different style options and large availability in size, style, and finishes.

Besides all the different aspects, there are two that stand out as being the most important: cabinet finishes and selected hardware. Cabinet hardware is probably going to be the cheapest investment you can make to give the touch that you desire for your kitchen, but the finish will reveal its character.

Stock cabinets are cabinets that come in standard form; they are manufactured and has little flexibility in style and finishes.

Let’s look at your options in cabinet finishes:


Many mistakes cabinet stains with cabinet colors. Unlike cabinet colors, stains are applied to keep the natural texture of the wood. Stains have a different level of thickness and tone; the thickness determines how much of the wood will be revealed after all. Stain colors can be as light as honey or as dark as walnut color.


Wood glaze in most plain language is the highlight. They highlight the edges of your slab. The glaze can be applied to the stained or painted cabinets. They as well differ on the color options. There are two ways how glazes can be applied, the glaze can be sprayed onto wood or manually applied.


Available in many different varieties, wood paints offer a lot more flexibility in your kitchen style. Available in many tones, in different cabinetries, you will have many opportunities to make your kitchen unique with painted this finish!

Thermofoil Finish:

Thermofoil is a type of vinyl. The finish gives a very smooth and sleek look to your cabinets. Thermofoil cabinets, however, are not among the most durable cabinets. They are susceptible to water damages. They also easily get scratched.

These are the most popular cabinets options that are widely available to you. You may also consider cabinets with a more complex finish. There are different finishing techniques that will also help you make it look unique and favorable for your taste.