Color is a great way to bring personality to your home, and a renovation project is a great opportunity to get creative. Color preferences are subjective, yet you can balance your color option to have a crowd-pleasing result. You should establish your color palette early in the process since various materials and products used will play a big role in your color scheme.

First things first, are you selling your home soon or are you planning on staying put at your residence for a while? This is important to think of when choosing your color plans. If you are looking to resell soon, you will want to play it more on the safe side. If you are sticking around, you might as well cater to your personal taste! Decorating your home honestly is rewarding in various ways, you will enjoy it daily and your company will appreciate your personal expression and individuality. Next step is to acknowledge the room’s purpose and choosing which colors will promote it best.

You should establish your color palette early in the process, since various materials and products used will play a big role in your color scheme.

You want to factor in the purpose of the room before deciding on what color and tone to use. For example, if you want your living room to have a calming atmosphere, you should look at neutral tones. If you want to promote cheer and togetherness, bold colors are best to select from. Do not forget to consider the size of the room. If you are planning a color selection for a small room, you will want a light and neutral color to make it feel more spacious. For a room that is not limited on space, you have many more options of where your want your bursts of color to source from.

There are different points to begin with when it comes to color selection. Let’s say there is an item of hardware or furniture that you love, you can play your color scheme off that. You can always begin with the formal areas of your home, that can influence the rest of your home’s renovation plans. It is important to maintain an overall flow in your home’s appearance. Although different rooms can have their own character and purpose, you should aim to keep a smooth flow throughout your home.

Another hefty factor of your color selection will be the lighting. Some rooms get lots of natural light during the day, so a bold color on the walls would easily become overwhelming. Pastel colors are a soft complement to rooms that receive ample sunlight. Many people settle on the flooring before color since flooring is like the fifth wall of a room. Hardwood floors are commonly used for various reasons but one of them being, they tie in open floor plans well.

When making your material selections, a good guideline to follow is decorating vertically. Darker hues at the bottom of the room, then going lighter as you work your way up to the ceiling. By using this popular method, you are mimicking nature, who is, by far the best color specialist. However, at the end of all this, the number one thing to keep in mind is what your instincts tell you!

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