Interior Design Trends – 2018

You would think the simple and minimalistic design is gradually becoming more popular; some designers would not agree with that statement. Instead of having everything in white/grey and their tones, many people consider mixing cool and warm colors and adding different patterns to their overall design. Now, let’s visit different parts of a house and see what design changes are taking place.


At large, designers stress interest on multi-color cabinets, brass fixtures, and hardware and functional islands. Contrasting cabinets are a hot topic this year. Designers suggest selecting wall and base cabinets in different colors. If you are not a fan of having a white wall and navy blue base cabinets, you may also consider having an island that is darker than your cabinets. Our favorite color? No wonder, it is navy blue!

Brass is back! Long after the domination of cold steel colors, consumer preference is shifting towards gold and different brass finishes.

Instead of having everything in white/grey and their tones, many people consider mixing cool and warm colors and adding different patterns to their overall design.


Small but efficient bathrooms! Let’s face it many of us living in the DMV area cannot afford enormous houses with spacious master bathrooms; though that does not mean we cannot have the best out of the space. A good bathroom design will allow you to use the spaces more efficiently and gives a spacious look.

Mix and match your bathroom tiles. If your bathroom is compact with a medium-size, we suggest you install much larger tiles for the wall and the floor. This is a small trick to make your space look bigger.

Get rid of your tub and transform it into one big shower area. Tubs are great for a hot bath and increased house value but if you are not a fan of bath and you already have a tub in another bathroom, consider getting your tub out of your master; this will allow the space to look much larger will allow you to have a better shower experience.

Living room:

Hardwood floors are still highly trended, it is also worth mentioning that ceramic tiles are also picking up. Yes, they are much harder to clean but lighter and wider tiles will give a mesmerizing and enlarged look to your living area.

Accents are still on the rise as well as recessed wall niches. Recessed walls can serve different purposes such as complementing your entertainment unit, becoming a space for special books, or antique holders.


The rise of voice-controlled, and hand-free devices influenced house devices as well. In recent years companies such as Google, and Amazon introduced products that with compatible products can control basically everything in the house. We selected a couple of items that we enjoy and considered to be the necessities:

  • Kohler’s Wireless Shower Speaker: The product is removable with magnetic utility. When out of battery the head is removed and placed on the charger; can also function as a separate speaker.
  • WIFI reordering buttons: What a brilliant idea to press a button and making an order when it is time to refill. You now can! Companies like Amazon are making these small reordering buttons so you never have to make a trip to the grocery for these items.
  • Smart Switches: Control your lights with your smart devices! Turn them off when you are away and realized you left them open and turn them on before you come home.
  • Smart door lock: One of our favorite. If you are like me and tend to leave the house keys inside and get locked out of the house this is probably a brilliant idea. Just like smart switches, these locks come in forms to be controlled via the mobile device.

Design tips:
Build a pet bowl section next to your kitchen island. This will allow you to keep the area clean and tidy.

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