When the time for tile selection rolls around, designers are typically choosing between gloss-finish and matte-finish tiles. The difference between glossy and matte tiles lies in the top surface. Gloss-finish tiles have a glazed coating of liquid glass, giving them their shine and smooth surface. Matte-finish tiles have a dull and non-reflective look. Distinguishing between glossy and matte tiles is simple, but weighing their pros and cons is a bit more complex.

When making material selection decisions, we always encourage clients to first consider the practicality of the selection. While the appearance of the material is important, you should consider upkeep. Stains are more visible on a glossy finish but wiping them off is easy. If you know seeing stains frequently will bother you, then matte-finish tiles are for you. The downside of glossy tiles’ mirror-like sheen would be the easy appearance of wet spots, fingerprints, and dirt. Another thing to keep in mind when you are choosing gloss-finish tiles is their high-slip factor when wet, so they are not the best choice for floor tiles.

Distinguishing between glossy and matte tiles is simple, but weighing their pros and cons is a bit more complex.

Matte-finish tile is a great option to use on your floor due to its slip-resistant surface. As well as being a less hazardous material, matte tiles will not show footprints, dirt, and stains as easily as glossy tiles will. Although matte is less likely to show stains, once a stain is there, it can be difficult to remove.

Matte tiles offer a tranquil effect on a room, as they infuse a more natural look. Glossy tiles will bounce off any light on them, so this will create a bright and lively environment. Whether you are going for a rustic, industrial, or transitional theme, matte tiles will tie in beautifully. Glossy tiles are most suitable for a modern and elegant theme and are especially useful in poor-lit areas.  Glossy tiles offer a reflective shine, which allows them to provide extra brightness to the space. You can make your space look larger by using a gloss-finish tile due to its reflective surface. Rooms with limited space, like powder rooms and laundry rooms, can benefit greatly from the bright and spacious impact of glossy tile. Ideally, you would use matte tiles in a large kitchen space since they can make a room look and feel smaller, if not strategically designed to not have that impact.

If you are still torn between which tiles to use, feel free to pair the two! There are plenty of combinations that will make your space look great. It is all up to your personal preference and what will serve you home the best.

Matte Tile

Matte Tiles

Combination of Matte and Glossy Tiles

Glossy Tile

Glossy Tiles