Out of one of the many materials you install in a bathroom, your vanity mirror is an impactful element. There is a wide array of mirror shapes and styles to choose from, the key is finding one that will contribute to the look and function of your bathroom. To effectively provide a balanced look, you must consider the size of your vanity cabinetry, the wall it will be installed on, and what you will be installing next to and near it. Another consideration to keep in mind when choosing your mirror would be how much or little, drama you want it to add.

Different Styles of Vanity Mirrors

We are big fans of medicine cabinets that provide both a clean look and additional storage. The seamless and rectangular appearance of a recessed medicine cabinet is a versatile choice that can equally serve a modern, traditional, transitional, etc. space! Having the option to place small items, that would otherwise clutter the countertop, is a popular decision among our clients.

Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors are the perfect place the make a statement in your bathroom, they’re an easy way to set a distinctive theme. Having a statement piece may come along with some compromises such as lighting, extra storage, and functionality. If you are planning for a large ornate vanity mirror you will have to factor that into your light fixture selection. If you have your eye on a certain light fixture, you may have to reconsider the size and shape of your vanity mirror.

There is a wide array of mirror shapes and styles to choose from, the key is finding one that will contribute to the look and function of your bathroom.

Medicine Cabinets

As far as storage goes, a medicine cabinet is a great solution to clearing up the counter area but that’s also the purpose of the vanity cabinetry. Functionality-wise, your statement vanity mirror may have a funky shape or tint, however, if this isn’t the main bathroom you are using for regular grooming you have plenty of flexibility! A decorative mirror can either be a dramatic or subtle compliment, the idea is to be sure it’s going to play a beneficial role.

Frameless mirrors are a popular selection among many of our projects for various reasons. Frameless mirrors provide a crisp and airy feel, which is the goal for a modern space. We encourage a simplistic approach to our designs; frameless mirrors are a subtle yet impactful contribution to a clean look. Many of these mirrors come with optional extras like screens that display the time and temperature, or built-in lighting, or even TV screens!

Oval or round mirrors are a stylish and simple way to add some softness to a bathroom. If you are thinking of an accent wall, a round mirror will complement it without stealing the show. Using a round or oval mirror will provide you with enough room to see yourself but leaves some negative or empty space which is ideal in balancing a room. Less is often more!

Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve covered the style of mirrors, we can explore the pros and cons of what to do with these mirrors. The most common way to utilize a bathroom mirror is to place a single mirror centered above the sink, however, there are other options worth considering. If you’re working with a wide or double vanity, you have the choice between one large mirror or two smaller mirrors. A large single mirror accommodating for the whole bathroom will reflect more space, therefore, making it feel more open while using two narrow mirrors will accentuate the height of the room. Smaller more narrow mirrors are necessary if you are considering the visually appealing and functional option of sconce lights.  It all boils down to the goals you have in mind for your bathroom, and if you don’t have those goals identified yet, we’ll be happy to help.


Oval Vanity Mirror

Decorative Vanity Mirror

Decorative Vanity Mirror

Double Sink Vanity

Frameless Vanity Mirror

Hexagon Vanity Mirror

Hexagon Vanity Mirror